“people have become more conscious of the danger of having their computer commandeered for nefarious purposes and have taken steps (such as the use of anti-virus software or being more careful about sites visited) to prevent its occurrence.”

Source: Cyber-security’s dirty little secret: It’s not as bad as you think • The Register

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“The Industrialization of Hacking has created a faster, more effective, and more efficient sector profiting from attacks to our IT infrastructure. By monetizing malware with cryptocurrency these professional, entrepreneurial, and resourceful hackers have created cybercriminal business models that share many similarities with legitimate businesses. They have a revenue stream, a budget, market researchers, a global pool of developers, QA analysts and testing, help desk support, and even guarantees.”

Source: Addressing the Challenges Cybercrime-as-a-Service Serves Up | SecurityWeek.Com

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In this weeks episode of The Perils of Lax Data Security, we bring you some data that supports the fact that internal controls among enterprise companies is lacking.

Not a surprise, right.  BYOD and the blurred lines between personal computing and business data processing continue to dilute all possible attempts to secure anything well.

Sony Is Not The Only Company With Subpar Data Security, New Survey Finds – Forbes.

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Its no suprise to anyone that predictions about future cybercrime are so ominous.  We hear the news daily and many of us experience first hand the results of intrusions into our smartphones and computers.

And don’t expect things to improve soon.  The best defense for most of us these days is care and vigilence.

Cyberattacks will get worse in 2015: McAfee researchers | The Japan Times.

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