“The Department of Justice said it will charge five members of the Chinese military for hacking into American companies, marking the first time that U.S. is taking legal action against employees of a foreign government over cyber crimes. One unnamed military source told NBC that those accused “used military and intelligence facilities to commit cyber espionage against U.S. companies.” U.S. officials have long pointed to China as the source of cyber attacks on American firms, per NBC, but never made such concrete charges before.”

via U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Chinese Military Officials for Hacking American Companies – The Wire.

International information privacy and security is at greater risk than anytime in history.  And our “friends” the Chinese seem to be in the midst of the hacking activities.  Why US companies believe that they are immune from such activity is an important question as the flow of information and capability for intercepting it continues to increase.

Thanks to The Wire