Digital Identity Vault

Digital Identity Vault’s patented data privacy platform protects your private and sensitive information while being shared or stored – anywhere. 

IN DEVELOPMENT – Release Date: Spring 2016

TransXfer’s new parent company, SafeJunction, has developed a suite of products that are built on Digital Identity Vault technology to protect the privacy, transmission, and retrieval of private and sensitive information from interception, infiltration, and exposure.

SafeJunction products eliminate the need for complicated VPNs or key management while providing the highest level of encryption/decryption technology with a parameter-driven access validation engine.

SafeJunction gives you piece of mind by:

  • Securely storing your data access credentials and those within your defined trust circle
  • Moving personal identity validation transactions into the “cloud” – away from your computer, smart device, residence, office, or identifiable location
  • Making it easy for only you and those you trust to retrieve packaged (encrypted) files, messages, pictures, videos, and digital objects when needed – whenever or wherever.

No more remembering when or where you put your private stuff.  All you – or those within your trusted circles – need to have is a SafeJunction Access Subscription to retrieve private data in minutes without the need for additional sender contact, passwords, or tokens.


NSA Suite B Algorithm and Modes

Monthly or Annual Fee

Short or Long-term archiving

Parameter-driven Access Validation