The title is a quote from a recent post from Network World, “Who’s to blame for Snapchat’s massive nude photo leak.”  (Apologies for not including the link here)

But a reading of Network World’s coverage of the snafu demonstrates the importance of this post’s title, that the “Brave New World” of technology is probably upon us.   And many of us – especially the affluent toting the latest and greatest gadgets from all vendors -are probably the most suspect.

In the US, at least, we’ve quickly become a “ready, fire, aim” society who slow down only when we find ourselves the targets of the most recent volley or suddenly discover that our bank account is empty or that a close relative’s compromising photo has been splashed all over the Internet.

And things won’t change soon (until I deploy my Google Glasses to get a different perspective).


Thanks to the folks at Transition IT for the info

Amazon Prime Users to Get Viacom TV shows.  More bad news and competition for cable companies.
Last time I checked, my Kindle Fire was connected via
WiFi. The signal comes into my house over the cable
connection, but the content is provided by Amazon who
doesn’t have a financial relationship with my cable provider, yet.
And, I cancelled my cable contract with my provider. Come on
Netflix, Hulu, and Roku!!!

How a Tiny Start-up in Des Moines Thinks It Can Kill Credit Cards – Tricia Duryee – Commerce – AllThingsD.

When you consider the new Google Wallet and Near Field Communication (NFC) this start-up idea isn’t so far fetched.  The fact that they’re calling it cash is kinda silly.  I’d call it “funny money” or something even more rediculous!  And what will Square do?  Hmmm.