If I didn’t know better I would suggest that Yo was trying to get a whole buch of free publicity from letting itself get hacked.   But that would be unfair, wouldn’t it.  As the article suggests, it sounds like SnapChat revisited.

People invested $1.2 million in an app that had no security | ZDNet.


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Net neutrality is 2014s new buzzword as entertainment content aggregators jockey for position in the digital delivery space.

1.  Free is gone.  Forever?  Maybe

2.  The clutter of advertising and threat to privacy and security is driving consumers to want to pay for content.  Finally

3.  And red Box is out there putting a kiosk at every supermarket and 7-11 (at least in California) and making boodles of money.

Netflix Chief Reed Hastings Rages Against Internet Tolls, Makes Case For Net Neutrality – HotHardware

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