“Authorities and tech developers must stop sensitive health data entered into applications on mobile phones ending up in the wrong hands, experts warn.”

The problem isn’t the data itself, but the ability for the application provider’s database identifying the user.  The identity of the user (wearer) of the data collection device must be protected.

Health checks by smartphone raise privacy fears – Yahoo News.

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“In November, Gartner predicted 4.9 billion devices would be Internet-connected in 2015. Securing those devices however remains a challenge that consumers, IT departments and vendors will have to face. This is particularly true when it comes to the subject of authentication, and according to Gartner analyst Earl Perkins, current IAM solutions cannot meet the scale or complexity that IoT demands of the enterprise.”

via IoT Requires Changes From Identity and Access Management Space: Gartner | SecurityWeek.Com.

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“At Mobile World Congress, FIDO Alliance members will engage the global mobile community in our important quest for universal strong authentication.  Like the Internet, the mobile industry is limited until strong authentication standards are ubiquitous. Trust is foundational to mobile markets – mobile users who can trust that the products and services they use are secure and private will organically push markets for more,” said Michael Barrett, president of the FIDO Alliance. “With FIDO authentication, mobile services and products become easier to use with authentication that is simple, yet more secure and private than passwords and PINs.”

FIDO Alliance Members Introduce FIDO Authentication to Mobile World Congress 2014 | FIDO Alliance.

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No surprise to those of us working to develop products and provide information about online privacy and digital identity protection.  The big question is how do we develop VPNs that will eliminate the current networking complexities without playing into the hands of the bad guys.

How about a Digital Identity Vault

Consumer Reports Endorses VPNs; Says 62% ‘Do Nothing’ About Online Privacy.

Consumer Reports VPN






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trxferfoootermasIf you look around the Internet and at the usual popular magazines and journals on subscription lists and news stands, you’ll find a variety of points of view on the topic of Privacy. Due to the openness of the Internet and the First Amendment almost anything goes regarding what is and what isn’t capable of protection. A recent attempt at requiring Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide Parental Controls protection in Europe was met with staunch opposition from some quarters. Obviously the porn industry could be threatened seriously by such actions. Other hardware and software vendors also keep a low profile in public discussion of the privacy topic, save requirements that are mandated by consumer law in the US.

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