Currency of Thought
There used to be a time when words, especially “BIG” words, had a meaning that was closely shared among most of us. Big words like security or income or faith. Now that we have Twitter and hashtags, meanings seem to be changing, at least among the community who cruise Twitter every day. My company, TransXfer, is protecting digital identity. We use the #identity hashtag to classify our Twitter posts. But when you Twitter sort in early 2012 using the #identity hashtag you get mixed results of posts from a Houston celebrity, some job search posts, and a few actual “identity” tweets. While it is presumptuous for me to judge the meaning of this collection of post hashtags, the Twitter #identity followers already have, at least their individual perceptions or uses for the word “identity”. So whatever collection of posts results from a particular hashtag becomes a currency of thought or maybe “currentcy” to coin a word. That is new meaning or at least Twitter purpose.
The value (or change) of the meaning involved in the hashtag is shaped by the frequency and velocity of the tweets and the number of followers who think that the meaning “is” something. This is how social networking can actually shape changes in consciousness and thought so rapidly.
So we’ve decided to us the #transxfer hashtag instead so that we can move our brand into a searchable, sortable category that may better convey our BIG meaning.

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