Contactless Mobile Payments Rolled Out on London Underground

On September 16, 2014, in technology, by transxf1

Cash on Tap contactless mobile payments NFC – Near Field Communications Oyster Card Proxama proximity marketing specialists Names to look into as contactless (and credit cardless) payments roll out in Europe and come to one of 220,000 locations near you soon. Contactless Mobile Payments Rolled Out on London Underground | Mobile Marketing Magazine. Apple’s NFC […]

Data protection authorities find privacy lapses in majority of mobile apps | CSO Online

On September 12, 2014, in Privacy, by transxf1

“Many mobile apps request too many permissions and don’t explain how they collect users’ personal information, a study of 1,211 popular apps by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network has found. The majority of the apps reviewed did not adequately explain to users how they were collecting and using information, according to the study, carried out […]

RadioShack to deploy Trustev across all stores and online

On September 5, 2014, in Privacy, by transxf1

“This custom solution from Trustev uses “data fingerprinting” to verify a transaction’s validity. When a customer makes an in-store purchase, Trustev’s software instantly scans approximately 260 online data points to ensure the buyer is legitimate and confirm their identity. Additional enhancements through the Trustev platform include an integrated activation portal for credit authorization, as well […]

Home Depot investigating ‘massive’ hack

On September 3, 2014, in Security, by transxf1

The beat goes on for consumer risk IN STORES.  2014 will probably become the intro year for credit cards with a “chip” and other new technologies that will protect us from cybercriminals. Home Depot investigating ‘massive’ hack – Sep. 2, 2014 Thanks to CNN Money

10 Ways to protect Your Smartphone from Hackers

On September 3, 2014, in Privacy, by transxf1

“Antivirus pioneer John McAfee recently gave a shocking piece of advice:  Dump your smartphone.” Be careful with public Wi-Fi.  Surf safely.  Watch out for bad apps. Don’t inadvertently reveal your location. Use your browser instead of an app if you can. Protect your device with a passcode. Do regular updates.  Plan ahead for loss or […]

Android Phones Hit by ‘Ransomware’

On August 26, 2014, in Security, by transxf1

Any smartphone message that prompts an immediate “call to action” is probably malware or a scam.  So heed the following advice: 1.  Always verify the source by conducting a Google or Bing Search of the “topic”. 2.  Resist the urge to get sucked in. 3.  If you have time, report the incident to one of […]

How Safe is Your Website From Hackers and Other Malicious Attacks?

On August 23, 2014, in Security, by transxf1

Some great tips on ways to deter objectionable activity and cyber-criminals who attack your livelihood online. How Safe is Your Website From Hackers and Other Malicious Attacks?. “1.Is your WordPress installation up to date?   2.Do you have security plugins installed?  3.Are your passwords secure and difficult to hack? 4.Do you review your Google Webmaster Tools […]

10 Opt-Outs to Increase Your Privacy

On August 18, 2014, in Privacy, by transxf1

“The World Privacy Forum has compiled a list of their Top 10 Opt-Outs. While the list is in no way comprehensive it contains those opt-outs that the group feels are most important and most useful. Increase your personal privacy today by choosing one (or more) of the opt-outs that appeal to you. Which opt-outs will […]

IBM acquires Lighthouse for cloud identity security solution

On August 12, 2014, in Identity, by transxf1

“According to Kris Lovejoy, General Manager, IBM Security Services: “Business models are rapidly evolving as employees conduct more of their work offsite. Protecting this data and who has access to it has become a challenge, costing our clients time and money. With this acquisition, IBM provides a unique identity and access management offering that combines […]

Neustar Privacy Interview With Becky Burr

On August 11, 2014, in Privacy, by transxf1

It is refreshing that Internet security is evolving into an era where product and service vendors want to explain their approaches to privacy and security so that we can know how we are being protected and by whom. Neustar Privacy Interview With Becky Burr – Business Insider. Thanks to Business Insider